Channels and views in reorient module in Nuke

Hi everybody,

Is there any ways for MochaVR to work on all views and all channels of a script ? By default it only act on main view and rgba channel. (There is an option for choosing views but we could only choose between mono, stereo and Top/Bottom or Left/Right, nothing about channels)
I’m trying to find a way to work with ppass map (from CaraVR) without splitting and shuffling them for each camera.


I’m not familiar with the specifics of the ppass map, but you can feed in a multi-channel stream just by selecting the Stereo option and feeding in a single input of your multi-channel node. We use Nuke’s native stereo tools, so it will feed the channels and map them.

If you need to change the view mapping you can access it via the Clip tab in mocha.

For example, if there was a 3-channel EXR file, feeding in the read node to Mocha and choosing Stereo would map two of the EXR channels to L/R.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply. This one step further but not enough for my needs.

To be more precise, in my script, I got a main view and 4 cameras in four views (cam1, cam2, cam3, cam4) like Left and Right for a stereo scripts. Each camera views is handling RGBA layer (R, G, B, A channels) and a PPASS Map layer.
Any transform node in Nuke is modifying by default RGBA channel and PPASS map for all views. Currently MochaVR is modifyng only one view at a time or two when working with stereo tools and only RGBA Channel is modified. So my need is MochaVR behave like for exemple C_Spherical_Transform from Nuke.
If it’s not possible, a workaround would be the ability for MochaVR to export reorient datas in a C_Spherical_Transform node.