Choosing a version

I need Mocha in my toolkit, but wonder which version to get. I use FCP, Motion and AE.

I’m thinking that the AE version would be best, as it is my belief that AE does better motion interpolation than FCP.


-Ed in Seattle

All the Imagineer products use the same “planar tracker”. The question is where to you want to finish your final shot.

As Final Cut is an edit system, most users would agree that having mocha tracking data in After Effects is going to give you more flexibity for creating and finessing realistic composites.

On the other hand for tracking blurs and color correction mattes, track data in FCP is nice as well.

The mocha (full version) supports track output to both FCP, AE and many other software systems. mocha (full) also can render mattes for use anywhere.

Lastly, to get roto data from mocha for AE to AE OR mocha for Final Cut into FCP, you do need the mocha-shape plug-in. While this is not necessary with mocha (full) it is useful as you only render the mattes once within your finished composite.

Hope this helps!