Choosing and applying filter from BCC Fx Browser and background preview issue

Hello -

I have two issues with the BCC Continuum Preview Filter - This is in the setting of using AE as a host.

  1. It doesn’t seem possible while in the BCC Fx Browser (while looking at the effects to apply to a given clip) that you can directly apply the desired filter to the AE clip; while in the Preview Filter it only has “close” at the bottom right hand of the preview screen rather than an apply option.

  2. While in the BCC Preview Filter Window there are 3 preview options available, Black, Checkerboard, and Background. When I select background, even when I have a visible underlying layer, the background is always black; i Can never seem to see say, how a BCC transition will apply in the preview window becuase it always only gives me the effect faded to black even when I have backround selected and I have the underlying layer visible in the AE host…

Any things I might be missing? Thanks much - Roman.

Hi, BCC Fx Browser has never had an option to Apply, at the moment i believe it is just a viewing platform,
BCC Preview Filter Window? I’m guessing you just mean the preview window in FX Browser?
for me i can only view the fx on the Background, the video i applied FX Browser to, not Checkerboard or Black, but that doesn’t bother me, i want to see it on the video i’m working on,
Forgot to say I’m using Vegas, I’ve applied FX Browser directly to the event on the timeline,
you say you’ve made the ‘underlying layer visible’ so i suspect you haven’t applied direct on.

Thank You for the information sir.

That is good to know about the FX Browser.

The reason why I want to view the background layer is because I am working with some transitions and I want to see how they transit into the background layer as time passes.

Thanks again for always helping me out, Roman

:+1: It’d be nice if BCC had a version of S_Transition :+1:

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The standalone BCC FX Browser effect has a Background back in the host parameter pane. If you set that to the incoming layer for the transition it should work to let you preview how the transition will look with both layers as expected. Some hosts like Vegas don’t allow access to secondary layers in normal effects, but since you’re working in AE, @RomanAnthony , this should get you what you want. Note though that you will only see the result inside the FX Browser UI itself as the FX Browser does not render anything back in the host timeline.

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Thank you JClement for the information - have a good day.