Chroma 3D Camera Solve

I’m trying to add 3D to a footage that of a person speaking to the camera in a chroma, this camera is fixed on a tripod for the whole shot. As it is a chroma, it has no reference points for the camera to make a proper solve, and there is no movement. How can I solve the camera here? I don’t know if there is a place where I can introduce the camera manually. I need the 3D space created, as the arm of the person talking to the camera is in 3D.

I looked through and I couldn’t find any tutorial where the camera was solved from a fixed shot in a chroma.


Simply build your scene in 3D manually and decide what “looks” right according to your chroma pull. No tracking necessary for a lockoff.

If you feel you must track and solve a 3D scene for this… If there is any wrinkle, texture, or detail you can see you can use Mocha to track that plane and do a Pan, Tilt, Zoom solve. However, if there’s nothing to track, Mocha can’t track it, and so Mocha can’t give you a camera solve.

If you see any texture you can track on the background, use translation only, and then try for your solve.