Cinamatographer Toolkit

Hi just subscribed to Continuum. Can anyone tell me how to aquire the cinamatographer toolkit, or what it costs…thank you.

Well if you’re subscribed to Continuum then you have the filters that comprise the Cinematographer’s Toolkit. You can learn more about these filters here : Boris FX | Continuum 2021.5


Again Peter thank you, I just don’t know where they are. still trying to go through every filter to get a handle on it. I subscribed to continuum yesterday. will have a good look

Hey Rick,

I understand better now what you’re asking for.

Well you can start by setting a search in the host effects control panel with the text BCC+ … it’s the plus sign after the BCC letters that will help bring forward the filters that are regarded as part of that toolkit.

Take a look at the following filter categories that include BCC+ filters :

• BCC Color and Tone
• BCC Film Style
• BCC Grads & Tints
• BCC Lens
• BCC Lights
• BCC Optical Diffusion

These groups include the BCC+ filters that we refer to as belonging to the cinematographers toolkit.

I hope this helps!


Thanks Peter, it was confusing me.Up till a couple of months ago I only used Hitfilm Pro With Mocha Pro, which I intend use in After Effects when it is time to renew.So learning After Effects was really different but I am getting used to it Then I started with continuum,but thanks with people like you around I will be fine.
Best Regards from Scotland