Clarification - Offset Planar Tracking Using Layers

Can this be clarified in the manual somehow?

I tried following the manual regarding tracking when your tracking object gets obscured, but from what I read, it doesn’t really say how to do this for a Mocha track. To get my Mocha track to work correctly I did the following:

  1. Deleted all keyframes after the last good tracked frame (in the manual)
  2. Set a track shape keyframe at the last good tracked frame (in the manual)
  3. Set another keyframe by manually moving the track shape to the nearest frame after the obstruction, when the object is visible again. (kinda in the manual, but not explicitly)
  4. Moved time cursor to the first bad frame (frame 71 in the screenshot). (NOT IN THE MANUAL)
  5. Tracked the frames from frame 71 to the end. (in the manual)

The Offset Planar Tracking Using Layers tutorial in the user guide is meant to demonstrate how to manually set keyframes for the layer when tracking is not possible.

If you are going to find a solution by tracking you do not need to delete keyframes. Just back up to the last good frame before the tracking goes bad and modify your point track or tracking shape.