Hi, I’m using a trial version to asses Mocha for a logo remove problem I have on series. I’ve worked through the process and it seems like its going to be very effective. The problem I have is that when I export a clean plate from my 1920x1080 project to tidy up (in Photoshop) it is at 1920x540. When I bring it back in it looks scaled?
Its the Avid Media Composer plugin BTW.

I believe the issue that you are running across is related to interlaced project type.
I believe that currently in Mocha Pro, when you export a clean plate frame from an Interlaced project, it only exports 1/2 the frame. As a work around, I would recommend exporting the full frame size from Media Composer (on the frame that you want to do the clean plate). Back in Mocha plug-in you can import the painted clean plate back into the plug-in. Make sense?

Hope that helps.

Thanks Ross, That makes perfect sense, in fact I’ve already used the
workaround you suggest. It seems its a known issue with the MC and Resolve
plug in versions. The Stand alone version works fine.

Glad to help. Hopefully this issue will be fixed in a future point release. :wink: