Clean plate buffer problems (8k 360)

i am working on a 8192x4096 360 comp (mantis removal), 450 frames, track is ok.
I rendered successfully clean plates every 30 frames, saves as tiff, proper size, clicked on “use clean plates exclusively”.
when I look at the comp at half res, preview looks normal.
comp at full res (as well as rendering at full size) renders the patch only the lower left quadrant of the canvas, with the occasional flicker to lower left and lower right quadrant. the result is a unusable fractional patch.
solution: uncheck “use clean plates exclusively” and bite the bullet of 50x slower rendering.

Please fix the clean plate buffer issue. we just got the new Meta 3 camera, and 12k and 16k will be normal now, and I need mocha to play along nicely

mocha 9.5.4 Win10, ryzen 3950, 128GB ram, 3090

Martin (Mocha) helped a great deal tracking down this bug, and they are considering ways to fix it.
in the meantime, this bug is caused by the user inadvertently clicking on “create clean plate” while mocha is at a lower res. switching to full res does not remove the internal “lower res” tag for the plates, and the user needs to select import from the clean plate menu and simply re-import all plates already created.
now the “use clean plates exclusively” will work as advertised. I am uncertain how much this is relevant for non-360 track&remove jobs, but worth trying if you run into problems.