Clean plate igored, cant remove a small shadow

Hello all,

With Mocha Pro 5.0 Standalone / GTX 1080p

On the attached image, Im trying to remove a small car shadow pointed by a green arrow.

  • the background track is SOLID.
  • the foreground is tracked correctly.
  • everything else is by the Mocha Pro rules.
  • I cleaned a simple plate in Photoshop as usual.

For some reason the cleanplate is always ignored and the shadow is always there.

I cleaned all the caches hundreds of times, and tryed everything during 5 days now.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Can I see your remove tab? Have you checked the “use cleanplates exclusively” checkbox?


Mary, thanks for your fast reply.

And also for all your fantastic job letting us learn with your pro tutorials over the internet.

Regarding this problem:

1 - I already cleaned all the cars that were on the imagem

2 - Now only remains the shadow of one of those cars that passes under the street light in the image of my previous post.

3 - I already tryed the “Linear” option cause of some eventual light changing.

4 - Everytime I do something I use to clean all the caches just in case.

Here is the remove tab with the “use cleanplates exclusively” checked.

As you can see, the car shadow of the original clip keeps passing under the street light, like there wasnt any cleanplate at all.

One thing I am not confident about is the “search range” set of values. Do you think is something to do with that?

Thanks again for helping!

Now all of a sudden it started showing the error message everytime I try to render something:

“Failed to save image: D:/project_name/results/Remove_Remove_Remove_Remove_… .tif”.
Coudn’t open file."

I didnt change none of the path settings!

Why did this started out of the blue? How is this supposed to be solved??

Hello, can someone point a possible solution to this issue in particular, please?

I am using relative path for the “results” folder.

Didnt chanve anything, what is causing this?


Hi Gene,

Try making those file names manageably small, that might be causing an error. Remove_remove_remove…etc is awfully long. Delete your cleanplate in the clip tab and then fix that file name. See if that fixes the issue, please.

Also, I think the reason that shadow is left over has to do with the street light above. Try removing the street lamp along with the cars and then placing it back over the top with roto.

Without seeing the shot in motion, that’s my best guess.