Clean Plate issue

Suddenly exported clean plates (tiff) won’t open in Photoshop (trouble analyzing tiff file). I can open them in preview and if I export them as 16-bit tiff they work in Photoshop (file contains Layer 0 instead of Background). Info says it contains alpha channel but if I check previously created clean plates they don’t contain alpha. Any tips?
Mocha Pro 2022 AE plugin, Mac Pro 2019, Catalina, Photoshop 2021

I haven’t encountered this. Is it happening consistently? And is it from Removes or is it from Megaplates?

I will ask @martinb if he’s seen anything like this either.

Remove, haven’t tried Megaplates. Yes, it’s consistent. I opened a previous project that I had worked on before without any problems before and now I hace the same issue in that project. Initially I had an earlier version of Mocha Pro installed but when I got problems I updated to the latest version, hoping that would help me, but unfortunately not.

One thing that did happen was that Photoshop was automatically updated to v.23, has since reverted to v.22, no change though.

OK, I think this is a mac Catalina problem. I am trying to isolate the issue. But I have seen issues with TIFFs online with Catalina.

Can you send me a sample of your TIFF that doesn’t work and a TIFF that DOES work in email and we will see what we can compare. Email maryp at

Thank you! I will also let @martinb know.

I can sen via Wetransfer, files are too large to email

Both files are created with the same verion of Catalina.

Thanks, I have passed them to the dev team and we are going to see what we can find out.

The “Non-working” clean plate is 16-bit RGBA which suggests your project is running in 16-bit. So this means the alpha portion of the TIF file isn’t liked by Photoshop.

I’ll flag this as a defect because 16-bit RGBA images we saved should definitely load in PS.

Yes, I’m running 16-bit but I also did that with the working file, and that file contained no alpha. This is something that suddenly changed without me updating software och changing project settings (besides autoupdate of Photoshop to v.23, don’t know if that changes something in Adobe core-software). Stranger things…

I have this problem too. I’m on Mac Pro 2019, Big Sur. Both Photoshop 2021 (22.5.2) and 2022 (23.0) have problem reading the file. The error from Photoshop is:
Could not open “Clean Plate Input80.tif” because of a problem parsing the TIFF file.

Clean plates created on Mocha Pro AE 2021 do not have this issue. Also, I think that older versions of photoshop can open the problematic file because one of my colleague could open the file (not sure of his PS version, tho)

I was also able to repeat it. We have flagged this as a defect. Thank you.

Glad it’s not just me.

It appears this is a problem with the more recent updates of Photoshop.
We’re looking into updating our format to make sure it’s compatible and will get a fix in soon.

@mikael.nordenstrom @Annael

Good news!

The 23.0.1 update of Photoshop fixes the problem with reading the TIF files. You should be able to edit our clean plate files with no parsing errors.

Great! Tested. Works fine. Thanks for the assistance.