Clean plate question


Using a clean plate (exclusively) in the remove tool on interlaced footage (flagged as interlaced on import), only seems to remove the object in the upper field. When I look at the clean plate clip from the dropdown menu, I can see the repaired field repeated on the upper and lower field of the chosen clean plate frame. I’m guessing I need to clean up upper and lower fields separately but can’t see how to do this.

I’d be grateful for any advice.

version 3.20. Thanks for the reply.

Hi Gerry,

The best way to do removes on cleanplates is to deinterlace the project, make your cleanplate, and reinterlace it. What version of mocha Pro are you using?


No problem. OK, so you will definitely need to deinterlace and reinterlace the project, that should give you the best results.

Please, could you help me with one question? I just broke my mind.
I have two clean plates in the remove module.

  1. Created in automatically after pushing “create”
  2. Created by pushing “create” and import after that.

Number 1 - is rendered correctly, in his out place stick it with tracking.
Number 2 - is still static. And it’s doesn’t move.

Here are the proofs:

What does your track look like for the background and the foreground layers?

Hi Maryp! Everything is like in tutorials. The background is the space around an object. And foreground is the object. The automatically created plate works just fine but imported - not. Like on video

Well generally when an object doesn’t move, it’s because the background isn’t tracked properly. The foreground shape isn’t the track for the remove, just the track for where the roto should be. The Background track is what makes the remove work.

As you can see from my videos, the background is tracked properly. Because it’s working fine…but only with an automatic clean plate. Here is another video with it, full process

This is a very interesting moment. I’ve found that this bug exists only in Mocha Pro for AE.
It fixes like that - I save and close the Mocha Pro window, and run it again. Boom, the earliest imported clean plate follow fine now.

Interesting, we will need to see if we can repeat this. I will let @martinb know.