Clean plates and corner pins

This issue has always stumped me with MochaAE. I have a good track in MochaAE and it has perspective and shear enabled. To take advantage of those properties, I will need to export to AE using one of the corner pin options. What is the best way to apply that corner pin to my clean plate so that it lines up with the original shot? I need some sort of reverse corner pin applied prior to the Mocha corner pin to successfully apply the clean plate. Hope that makes sense.

Hi there,

Align surface will help you best apply your corner pin. It doesn’t just apply to screen replacements: Boris FX | Align Surface and Mismatched Resolutions

That tutorial should walk you through the process and why. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help you.



Oh my goodness. That’s definitely a RTFM moment. You should have smacked me upside the head!

I totally never noticed that button and for the life of my couldn’t find the answer with searches.

It’s no problem at all, happens all the time. Clearly, we’re not getting the message across to users and are working to make it more obvious.