Cleaning automatic frames

Hello! I’m new to Mocha Pro. I have some decent keyframes from the mid point onward in my clip. I wanted to work on the intro part which was more difficult. For some reason, my tracked shape jumps suddenly and I can’t seem to clean or fix it. There’s no more keyframes from the beginning to the midpoint but yet its still moving around. Its like I need to clean or remove the blue auto frames. Is this possible? I don’t want to have to redo the whole object. Thank you.

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  1. Make sure you check your layer hierarchy, top most layers are foreground and bottom most layers are background. Try moving this layer to the top and track again.

  2. If this did not work, try adjusting your “min % Pixels Used” in the track tab to a lower setting.

  3. Also try changing the “input channel” in the track tab from luminance to auto.

And if possible please show a single frame of what you are trying to track, so we can better support you.

Thank you! I tried those but nothing changed. I’m trying to track a person’s arm. There is a bunch of frames where her arm is pretty blurred. I know it probably can’t auto track it. I would like to just manually track those frames but I can’t delete the auto frames it already made. I’d like to go back a frame and have it just keep the previous frame’s (or in this case the next frame’s) placement. I just want to remove a range of auto frames and manually key frame it. Is this possible? See attached image

The motion blur is too extreme, use manual track to get past this point or simply hand animate the shape past it if you don’t need rock solid tracking data here and only need roto.

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Yes I’m fine doing that but how can I delete the bottom frame’s keyframe? I didn’t set that. It did when it started to autotrack. I want to copy/paste the next frame (the frame after) so that it stays in the same position. Maybe its hard to tell in the images but it shifted and its not in the same position. I guess what I’m asking is, how do I delete the auto-frames (I assume the blue bar)?

The blue bar AKA the tracking can be deleted in the Dope Sheet tab at the bottom left of your screen.

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Great thank you!!

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What he said. :wink: