Cleanplate distorting weirdly on a remove

I made a cleanplate of the first frame and a few frames later, but the remove seems to be distorting the original in a strange way. I was trying to clean up her eyebrows but it looks like it was distorting the original image in the layer. I was following YouTube

Here’s the grid turned on and the cleanplates I made in Photoshop:

I’ve tried resetting the caches and starting a new project from the same footage.

I read somewhere it might be an issue with the other cleanplate files. I checked my directory and it’s large… not sure if there’s an issue here, or what the best practices should be:

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

Hi Liz,

That looks like a tracking issue to me, but it would also be that you need two cleanplates, her eyebrow shifts a lot in perspective and has a shadow passing over it that could be throwing your track off. Make sure your track is rock solid. Alternatively, you could try doing an insert with a grid warp on it to it for the eyebrow and replace it that way, that way you can animate the 2D patch in a more 3D way.


Hi, Mary,

Thanks for getting back to me. I tried re-tracking the eyebrows and trying another cleanplate from scratch but I’m getting a similar result.

I am not familiar with Insert… but wouldn’t the tracking issue mess that up as well?


Yes, a tracking issue would, but I am not sure the issue isn’t so much a tracking issue as it’s a 2D/3D issue, so if you use insert you can use the grid warp tool to fake a more 3D curve to the eyebrows.