Cleanplate Not Tracking Correctly in Remove Panel

I’m trying to remove a logo from the side of a truck. I’ve had success before doing this (I’m still relatively new to Mocha Pro) but for some reason now, I can’t get my cleanplate to track to my removal area anymore?

Here’s a video showing the problem I’m having: Dropbox - MOCHA HELP.mp4 - Simplify your life

My workflow is:

Track Logo
Create background planes
Create Cleanplate in the removal panel
Remove the logo in photoshop and resave the TIF file to the same location
Select ‘Use Cleanplates Exclusively’
Hit Render

As you can see in the video I’ve recorded. The cleanplate stays still and does not follow the track. In this particular instance it’s glitching too but up until now it’s just been a completely static cleanplate.

I wasn’t having any issues before this shot and now when I try other shots I’ve previously had success with, the same issue occurs. Maybe something has changed in my settings that I’m not experienced enough to notice?

Any help ASAP would be greatly appreciated as I have deadlines for this video and I’m stressing big time!



Check your clean plate list in the “Edit…” option in the lower left. Is the plate set to “All” in the frame column? If so, set it to the frame you saved it on instead and then it should follow.
The “All” setting means it will sit in the same spot for All frames, when what you want it the frame of reference you saved it at.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the speedy reply.

I have checked that and the plate is not set to ‘All’. I re attempted the process again and double checked that it wasn’t and had the same results. Here’s another quick video showing that: Dropbox - Mocha HELP v2.mp4 - Simplify your life

Any other ideas on what could be the issue?


I think the problem appears to be that you don’t have 604 frames and yet you’re referencing something outside of the 49 frames you have.
Can you go to the Clip page and set the Timeline to Frames so I can see the actual frame range on the timeline? I suspect it’s going to be to do with that range.

The main reason I ask is your timecode starts at 0:00:00 (which would be frame zero) but you’ve got a negative first frame set of -604.
If the first frame is actually 0, then you’ll need to reference the plate at zero. I’m just currently unsure how the initial project was set up or why your clean plate frame is 604.

Mocha Pro Standalone, full clip.
I was trying to work this out a couple of wks ago, I presumed I was doing something wrong,
I’ve recreated it here,
(this was second time around so i could record it, I’d already created the cleanplate 1st time)

4k clip on YT

For some reason my post has been flagged as spam and advertising so I can’t post anymore wtf

Do you have a solution for this or are you also struggling?

Hi Martin,

For some reason my post has been flagged by the community therefore I can’t seem to share any more screen recordings :frowning:

Are you able to talk to me directly via email or is that not possible?

I’ve worked mine out,
After reading Martins comment i remember the insert Frame Number said ‘All’

This is a capture from the video i shared above

I changed that number to 1, that’s the frame on Mochas timeline it was created on & it now works :+1:

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I’m starting from frame 604, the cleanplate TIF is labelled up as 604 and my frame number in the cleanplate panel is 604 aswell yet no luck.

I might try and render out my clip from after effects first so when I put it into mocha it is techincally the first frame and try that again.

Alternatively, do either of you guys think uninstalling and reinstalling mocha would help with these? hard reset solution?

Uninstalling & reinstalling isn’t the best solution, that can cause problems if residual files that don’t get uninstalled remain,
If you’re in AE I’ve got AE, booting it up now n I’ll see

It says 000000 in your clip

Ok so rendering the footage out as a new file and then applying the tracking just worked. It must be something to do with the frames like Martin pointed out. I just can’t find the exact issue nor can I share any screen captures at the moment.

I’m going to try another shot and if I have success with that, I can at least finish the project doing this… not ideal though!

Is your clip starting on frame 604 in AE?

No, I had clipped the footage so it started at Frame 01. Do you reckon that’s what the issue was? In mocha it wasn’t showing up as the first frame though. It knew it was 604

Don’t know, I’ll try it,
I put a clip on the timeline at 19.19 in AE, not clipped,

Mocha showed it correctly but the cleanplate came back as All again, I had to put 19.19 in the edit box to make it work,

I’ll try a longer clip & clip it as you said…

Yeah righto, so definitely a frame issue I’m having then

Yeah maybe, sorry I tried messing with the comp timecode, I put a longer clip on & clipped it, precomposed, I did alsorts of things but Mocha kept reading the timecode correctly,

Did you clip the footage before or after adding Mocha?
forget that, i just added a clip starting at 0, added Mocha, then trimmed the footage but /Mocha still only showed the footage starting at 20secs where i’d trimmed it to

I’m now able to track the removal but it’s still drifting out of line. The tracking element is near perfect but when rendering the cleanplate to it, it’s not following the same.

first pic is the first frame of the removal track

second pic is where you can see it drifting off

I’m sure a bit of tinkering would fix this up. It’s all just so weird becuase I wasn’t having an issues before yesterday