Clip frame offset not editable in Mocha Pro Plugin

Hi, I am using the Mocha Pro Plugin in After Effects. The option to set the clip frame offset is not available and greyed out. Is this a limitation of the plugin? The Mocha Pro timeline will always start at frame 0. Whereas my footage and precomps in AE come with proper timecode.

You should not need to touch the offset in the plugin, and usually we have that unavailable to prevent issues. Is there a reason you want to? Are you having performance issues or is it personal preference? I want to understand so I can point you in the right direction.

Thank you!

Hi Mary, thank you for stepping in. The reason I would like to use the identical timecode in Mocha Pro as in my AE timeline is that I need to align the surface tool to specific frames. Often these not on frame zero but somewhere in the middle instead.

My AE timelines need to keep their TC for onlining.

If you put the plugin on the footage clip does it come in at the right timecode? Is it only zero on precomps? If so, we need to look into this. I agree they should line up.

I just checked and it is zero on footage as well as precomps. The footage is DNxHR 444 on Windows 10. As a test I trimmed a layer by 4 frames at the beginning, and Mocha Pro showed a frame offset by 4. But not the actual timecode.

Hi, any news on this?

I believe this is on our bug list but let me confirm with @martinb

Hi Mary, I just checked the new Mocha Pro 2020.5, hoping that timecode would work now. Alas, still every clip starts at frame zero. Quicktimes as well as PreComps. Will this be addressed in the (near) future?
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Thank you for letting us know, since this is still in the realm of bug territory I will have to check in with @martinb for a more official answer. Stand by, he’s in Australia and won’t be in until Sunday our time, Monday for him.

For the most part this has been intentional, but no, we have not implemented a plugin offset yet.
I’ll see if we can get it enabled for the next maintenance update.

Hi Martin, hi Mary, thank you very much, this would be a great help when working with TC based notes.

Hi Andreas,

Are you hoping to see the clip source TC, or the composition TC in Mocha?



Hi, thank you for asking. I would like to see the composition TC. This is most flexible as it can easily be set to match whatever is needed.

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Von Mobil gesendet

This would be useful.

Not having the start frame match the comp frame makes things difficult. Especially when “zero’ing out” the surface and making a corresponding freeze frame in AE. Or when footage is swapped out with a pre-comp, etc.

Other programs simply have the base frame as a parameter. This is much more flexible and easy to read. Especially in a multi-user/shared project environment. This would be part of the AE interface and would allow people great efficiency, flexibility, and clarity.

Note - my footage starts at 993, my comp starts at 993, all precomps in the comp start at 993. Mocha starts at 0. In this case simple arithmetic will get me what I need but in other cases it is more of nuisance.