Clip Input Error and Memory Error

Hi all. I’ve been getting a Clip Input Error and Memory Error on a clip that’s just under a minute in length. Codec is Animation in 4k, and that’s transcoded from ProRes RAW footage. The footage is quite dark, low contrast, and has tons of digital noise, so it was recommended to me to Denoise the footage before tracing (hence the transcode).

I’m just trying to track a simple shape to link to a few other elements in the scene as holdouts. The tracker gets about 80% of the way through the clip, and then has the issues. I’ve cleared the cache ini both AE and Mocha AE, I’ve tried tracking a different shape. The shape I’m tracking is not occluded.



How long is it? Have you tried trimming the comp to only the footage you need?

Hi Mary! The clip is 58 seconds and change. Unfortunately, long as it is, I need the whole clip.

Would it be better for Mocha to track it in parts?

No. That will give you some funky results. Can you try a proxy workflow? In AE, you can do the “create proxy” workflow in your Project window, right click, create proxy, and make a smaller file to work with.

I was previously working off of proxies. I switched to higher-file size media because the footage is so low/contrast and grainy I had to Denoise. This seems to REALLY help the drift I was encountering previously, and I couldn’t output the denoised footage as ProRes RAW, so I went with animation.

All to be said, you think it’s the file size of the media causing cache errors?

I think if it’s 4k and 58 seconds long you’re asking a lot of AE’s cache and its ability to feed that information to Mocha. What kind of machine are you working on? Is it beefy or is it a laptop? Are you working off a network or locally? Whatever you can do to lessen the burden on the image processing, I would do.

Gotcha. Local media on a TB3 connection on a maxed out 2020 iMac 5k. Not the be all and end all of GPU’s, but it normally handles things well. I can easily make proxies, but I was hoping the extra detail in this footage would help the tracker from slipping so much, which was my trouble previously.

You know, maybe if you rendered it as PNG frames instead of prores, it would be larger on disk but AE would spend less time decoding it?

I’ll try that. I have it in the Animation codec at present, which was my solve for denoise-ing the pro res raw. But a PNG sequence could work. Thanks