Clipboard not updating when exporting tracking data from Mocha AE to After Effects


  1. I copy corner pin (supports motion blur) tracking data to clipboard in Mocha AE and paste it onto a solid in After Effects. Everything works fine.
  2. I go back to Mocha, make changes to the track, and re-copy the new tracking data to the clipboard.
  3. When I paste again in After Effects, it pastes the old tracking data instead of the new.
  4. Restarting After Effects and Mocha does not resolve the issue.
  5. Restarting the computer does not resolve the issue.
  6. Pasting the Data on a new solid in After Effects does not resolve the issue.
  7. Duplicating the layer in Mocha and copying to the clipboard does not resolve the issue.
  8. Clearing Windows clipboard does not resolve the issue.
  9. Alt-Tabbing from After Effects and Alt-Tabbing back in does not resolve the issue.
  10. Purging all memory and disk cache in After Effects does not resolve the issue.
  11. When I paste the tracking data into a text file, the old data gets pasted instead of the new, so it might be a Mocha AE issue, and not an After Effects issue. Method of testing: I changed the tracking in Mocha on a specific frame, exported tracking data to clipboard, and pasted on both a new solid in After effects and a text file. Transform and corner pin data were identical on that specific frame.

After Effects 2018 Version 15.1.1
Mocha AE Version 4.0.3 build 13094
Windows 10 pro
i7-8700K, 64GB Ram, 1080ti

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Did you use AdjustTrack, manual track, or retrack?

Hi Martin! Thank you for responding.

I manually moved the anchor points of the spline on the frames I wanted to change the tracking data. I can see the green keyframes in the Mocha AE timeline.

False alarm! the issue was caused by a human error on my part, as I did not understand the relationship between the spline, the surface and the tracking data.

Ah! No worries, that’s a common error.

For forum reader benefit, here is what we are talking about:

This is an older tutorial but it explains the concept fairly thoroughly.