Clone align mode is blank (Silhouette 2022 ae plug win 11)

Hi folks, my first post :slight_smile:

-When in Paint/clone mode, the align button next to onion skin gives nothing but a blank grey field. (no difference detected)

Wondering if any of you know the fix, or is it a known issue?

Sil 2022 AE plug
win 11

Welcome @sumtastyfx This is a known issue and will be fixed an upcoming point release—hopefully next week. In the meantime, please use the Clone > Mix mode.

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Thank you Marco for the speedy reply.
Looking forward to the fix, because align mode is very useful.


This is fixed in Silhouette 2022.0.1.

extremely good news!
Thank you for letting me know :face_holding_back_tears: :+1: