Clone brush problem

Sometimes when I’m using the clone tool I can see the data in the history panel but nothing is being cloned. Anyone knows what is going on here?

The only way I can think of this happening is if you don’t have a clone offset.

I offset the clone in the interactive mode then I turned it off to paint am I missing a step?

When you are in Interactive mode, you will make a stroke that has no apparent effect if you drag in one of the outer four on-screen control quadrants. To avoid this, you need to use the on-screen controls as intended:

  • Drag within large center circle: Moves the clone source
  • Drag a center square corner: Proportionally scale the clone source
  • Drag large center circle: Rotate the clone source
  • Drag handles on corners of image: Corner-pins the clone source

Don’t quite understand but I’ll work on it

If you click and drag in the areas below while in Interactive mode, you will paint a stroke. Since, there is not a Clone Offset yet, a stroke will appear in the Auto Paint window, but will not have an effect in the Viewer. You must use the on-screen controls as described in my previous post to set the Clone offset. Does that make sense?

Yes sir starting to understand how it’ works.