Clone building Drifting

Following the Silhouette Paint - Getting started Clone Tool Tricks the building I’ve cloned is still drifting after I deselected the relative check box like it was suggested in the tutorial but after clicking match move with all frames selected the relative check box is check again. Please help I’m on a week evaluation trial version

iMac Pro 10.15.4

@fame1000 Can you make sure that you painted the original strokes with Relative disabled? This is because Auto Paint uses the original strokes and their settings.

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I’m learning too and what I have found is that you can’t go back and change a clone stroke setting after you have done it. So track the shot, switch to paint, select your track, uncheck relative (if you only want to use one frame as your clone source) and select match move, do some of your paint, select the other match move and autopaint. If all looks good, go in there and do some more paint. In general I have found it is good to make (and label) multiple layers in your paint history (lower left corner).

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