Clone offset issue Shilouette Paint

Hi. Having this weird issue or perhaps i’m doing something wrong. Runing silhouette paint as ofx on Flame.
When starting up silhouette I’m able to use clone tool and shift click/drag for offset reference. I then go into roto and track a selection of the image. Return to “paint” and use tracked layer to stabilize image. Clone tool works. I select drag tool and then back to clone tool again. Now clone tool dosent work and shift drag reference dosent work? I can still use the interactive mode to clone, but not shift drag, not sure if it’s something i’m doing wrong here?

Welcome @hampus
I am not able to reproduce the issue on running Flame on a Mac.

Are you using Silhouette Paint 2020.5 or the Silhouette 2021 plug-in?

Are you running Flame on Mac or Linux?

Are you using a pen/tablet? If so, does the same issue occur with the mouse?