Clone tool issue

I was severely frustrated by this clone tool or should I say auto-paint issue. Although I have found an alternative now but I’d like to know why when I am done painting with the clone tool and hit the auto-paint button, silhouette paints a video not my clone source which is supposed to be static.

It looks like something is not right. I have never experienced this before. It usually copies the pixels from the clone source to the target and match move but in this case, it looks like my paint stroke outline is acting as a mask and inside the alpha is a video moving. Please view video below to understand better. Please view in 1080p.

By the way, the version of the software is Silhouette 2021.5.0 20210818.163255. build 68

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@otomoshan526 , it looks like you need to select your later transform before you start painting. This threw me off when I started to use Silhouette too, and there’s room to suggest that this transform should be able to be switched on or off at any point in the paint process.

There’s definitely a learning curve for Silhouette, but it is an extremely useful product, like any software. Have you watched any of our training series on Silhouette?
Getting started is a great place to… well… start: Boris FX | Videos

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This might be related to a similar workflow issue you had back in December. In which case, I really recommend watching the getting started videos closely.

When you Match Move in Auto Paint, it is the position of the paint stroke that is match moved. For Clone, you have the additional option to also match move not only the paint stroke, but also the clone source. If Source Match Move is enabled in the Clone controls while painting a stroke, this tells Silhouette to match move the actual clone source when match moving in Auto Paint. This is useful when you have a single frame patch or stabilized clone source that you want to match move. In your example, you do not want Source Match Move enabled since you are painting with Clone > Relative enabled. Clone > Relative paints from each frame in the sequence. The result in your case could also be that you have an added transformation on your clone source and it does not match.

Source Match Move is not enabled by default because it only works as expected with a single frame patch or stabilized moving video.

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I mistakenly deleted my comment and I just wanted to say thanks.

Finally, I completely understand this.