Close my account to much spam email

To many unrelated emails spamming my inbox.
Unwanted post draining my battery with constant notifications

Happy to, but you can turn those off with settings. I will close your account.

I will say, that the practice of making the user DISABLE new forum categories is very annoying. I don’t own Optics, Particle Illusion, Silhouette, etc. Just Mocha Pro. If I wan’t to follow those products, then I should seek them out. That’s why I’m here. Turning them all off. Again.

I will see if this is something we can adjust on our end. Thank you.

Since I posted this message, I set all categories to mute since I don’t use those apps, and left Mocha Pro and AE to Normal. That setting states that I’ll only receive messages if I’m @mentioned or if I’m in the thread. I have gotten over 30 e-mails already from those two alone. I now have muted everything and will unmute when I need help. Maybe it’s just that Normal setting that’s broken?

I think it must be, I brought it to our team’s attention and they are going to see if there’s a hidden setting that might be the culprit. Sorry for the inconvenience.