Color Correction to replace black smears

I have a video that has black smears that appear across parts of it, and I’d like to replace those black smears with a solid color. I’ve experimented with the BCC Color Correct, but I’m not getting the concepts. I just stare at the controls wondering what to do.

Can you recommend a good training video on Pixel Chooser? So far I’ve only been able to use it to make Mocha splines, but I think I need to use it here to select that black color.

Is there a training video on Color Correction?

Hi there,

You should find some free training materials on the PixelChooser at this link : Boris FX | Training Series

And here’s a link to some color correction / grading tutorials with Continuum : Boris FX | Fast Color Grading With Continuum in Resolve with Groups

Thank you!