Color estimation crashing silhouette 2023 standalone

Is there anyone having issue with Color estimation crashing silhouette 2023 standalone?

This is my second attempt to do comp with Primatte combined with color estimation node just like Ben does here, but as soon as I plug the node it will shut down Silhouette 2023 standalone.

I am running it on Windows 10.

  1. Add image sequence (exr)
  2. Add Primatte
  3. Add Color Estimation
  4. Silhouette closes down


I’ve just tried to reproduce it and seems you’re right. I’m filling a bug report. It seems to only happen with 32 bit sessions. While set to 8 or 16 bit float, it does not crash.

Thanks for fast response. I am working on 16bit and it will crash.

This does not happen to me in 16 bit. Is it possible to share the project? You can do that via DM to not share it publicly.

In my case source file doesn’t matter. No matter exr sequence or prores it will crash simply following steps I mentioned before.

Right, I’m just trying to figure out what the difference may be, that causes it to crash on your side and not on mine. We need to know where the problem is, to be able to fix it.
What’s your project colorspace? Is this happening to all of them?

I can replicate the issue when using a 32 bit source when using 16/32 bit sessions.