Color in Optics is Different Than Exported Image

When I export an image from Optics, the color is off. It looks like saturation is the issue.
In the attached pic is an example:
Left is stock image. Middle is screen grab from within Optics. Right is saved image.

I’ve saved both with and without profile and looked at the saved images in 3 image browsers.

Is there a color profile setting for Optics?
Windows 10 Pro
4K Asus Display


Optics works in the sRGB colorspace. Can you switch the file to that colorspace and see if you have better luck?

Looking at the original file, purchased as a stock image, the color space is sRGB IEC 61966-2.1.

Also, when I attempted to open the “.optics” file, an “image format not supported” message was displayed.

This is super cool software - I’ll definitely buy a license, but it is a bit rough…

Followup: I see that the .optics work using the File/Open Setup. Double clicking the file caused the error. I had to close Optics to get it to work after that error.

The .optics files are not image files and just store parameter settings for the current layer setup.

Are you using Optics 2022?

Are you using the Optics Standalone, Photoshop or Lightroom plug-in?

What OS/version are you running?

Can you send me your image so I can test with it?

I’m running the current trial version (no update available) standalone on Win10 Pro which I allow to update per MS schedule.
Is there a private address to send the image to?


You can use the private message feature in the forum to send it to me. Click on my photo and select Message.


Here’s my result when using Photoshop.

Looks like an exact match to me.

Are you using Photoshop, Lightroom or the Standalone?


I see the issue. If you click the Crosshatch layer, you will see that the image is more saturated. The Pencil layer is disabled, so I assumed it wouldn’t contribute to the final image. However, when you click on the Pencil layer, the image becomes desaturated. If you enable the Pencil layer, you can see that it makes a much larger change. I didn’t notice this, but I assumed that a disabled layer would not influence the result.

So I’m not sure if the error is yours or mine, though IMO it’s yours. It seems to me that since the Pencil layer is disabled it should not change the image.

Also: if you set the Pencil layer to Normal (currently set to Screen), it doesn’t change the image. But I’d argue it shouldn’t influence the result if it’s disabled.

The layer blend modes are independent of whether there is a filter applied or not. We did this so that you can apply a blend mode without a filter. So, the behavior is as designed, but I can see why there was confusion.

FWIW, I’ve been in CG for over 30 years. I generally don’t need to read a manual to figure out how software works. IMO, if there is one switch to determine the status of a layer, it should apply to all properties of that layer, else there should be a switch for all toggleable properties.

With the current implementation, if an image had 20 layers, it would be difficult if not impossible to keep track of which ones are influencing the result.

Thanks for your help!
Very cool product and excellent support!

This issue has bitten me a number of times. I use the trackpad on a MacBook and frequently when scrolling through layers, the trackpad catches the blend mode and dials in a new setting (often without me noticing right away). It happens so frequently, it is second nature to me to notice this issue. It did take me a while to figure out why an inactive layer influenced the end result. Someone, somewhere must find this feature beneficial. I would like to meet them.