Color Problem with importing TiFF converted to V-Log via S_OCIOTransform

Hi Everyone in Silhouette world,

Could anyone please help me out on this? Thank you kindly!!!

Continuing the discussion from Panasonic V-Log in S_OCIOTransform?:

@persyst The whole idea behind OCIO is that it only affects the Viewer. This way you are never converting the source footage to another format which leads to degradation. In theory, the footage should look the same in different programs using the same OCIO viewer transform as long as the various programs don’t manipulate the footage in any way on input. So, the preference would be to not convert the footage to another colorspace.

Hi Marco, for my case since I don’t have the latest Silhouette, unfortunately I can’t take advantage of applying the OCIO node to just my background clip which is linear and my footage for the foreground is V-Log. Is it a viable option to just do an render of my foreground with alpha and then just combine it with my linear background in After Effects and just apply the Sapphire S_OCIOTransform to change the background to V-Log there since Silhouette doesn’t seem to be reading the V-Log version of my background clip correctly?

Yes, I would try what you are suggesting.

Hi Marco,

Ok I’ll give that a try. So referring back to the other posting about which outputs to use, if have my two ‘roto’ nodes outputting via the left OUTPUT going into a ‘composite’ node then output that to my render output node and render as RGBA, this will give me only my roto’d areas as visible with along with a transparent background, do I understand correctly? Thanks!!

That is correct!