Color Space Import and Export Issues

Hello All,

I have footage that I have imported into Silhouette and I’m have color issues when exporting DPX files. When importing footage into Nuke footage comes in correctly but when brought into Silhouette, I darkens the image quite a bit.

I change the View Xform to sRGB an it looks correct but renders dark. I have tried different options but no luck with the correct final output.

Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have provided samples.

Try setting the Colorspace to Linear in Nuke for the rendered Silhouette file.

ok so that worked in Nuke but why would import dark in Silhouette if the file is set to Linear and the only why to view it in the correct color space is by changing the View Xform to sRGB.

So does the same concept apply to After Effects? Does the color space need to be changed to Linear in the render settings to get the correct color space the view correctly after being rendered?

There is an known issue in Silhouette 2020 when using Cineon/DPX files where View XForm is not getting set to sRGB. You will have to enable that manually.

Silhouette linearizes DPX files and they are linear when rendered. In Nuke, you will need to set the Colorspace to linear.