Colorize-footage-using-mocha-pro 👍 newbie just sharing, Vegas Pro 18

Hi, just wanted to share a bit of what i’ve learnt watching the Boris vids, i hope that’s alright,
I just watched Mary Poplin’s How to Colorize Footage using Mocha Pro n i thought i’m gonna have a go at that :wink:
Sorry Mary I didn’t have a clip of Marilyn Monroe so i used the back end of my Transit :joy: baby steps, i only got Mocha a few days ago & i’m using Vegas Pro 18.
First i created plenty of splines to track the movement, then exported those - Export Project - to a folder, I don’t think Vegas lets you copy & paste like in Mary’s vid, that was the only event i had to track,

Then i stacked tracks with the same event/clip in each, i worked my way down dropping Mocha Pro directly on each event/clip, opened Mocha, Merged Project with the one of the tracks that i’d exported, turned off the track layer & created a spline layer around individual areas, linked the layer to the track layer, Save-Exit, then coloured in using the colour correction fx,

The top layer i converted to a pencil sketch, drew a spline outline around the whole of the back of the van, linked that to the tracks export too, back in Vegas i Chroma Keyed out the white so only the black lines show,
It really needs refining, i didn’t spend too much time on it & it’s nothing as pretty as Marilyn but i’m quite chuffed with it, a couple of hrs learning well worth wasted :grin: the Active Stabilize tool helped get the splines in place, Thanks for the videos :+1:

This the vid on YT, it’s only 8.2 second long
Coloured van, colorize-footage-using-mocha-pro

Thanks for sharing!

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