Colorspace Clarification


I see that Silhouette’s manual uses these terms for the dropdowns in the Viewer:

  • Input Colorspace
  • View Transform

But where would I find and be able to change the equivalent setting in Silhouette for these terms I’ve come across?

  • Working Space in After Effects
  • Output Profile in After Effects
  • Footage/Source Colorspace
  • Display Colorspace

Thanks for the clarification!

I can’t comment on the After Effects terminology.

I’d guess that:

  • Footage/Colorspace = Silhouette’s Input Colorspace
  • Display Colorspace = Silhouette’s View Transform

Ok thanks Marco, that helps out bit!

Does your selection of the Input Colorspace effect what the Mocha tracker or any tracker “sees” when it’s tracking?

The Viewer > Colorspace and View Transform settings affect the display only. They are non-destructive and do not affect the processing of any node–including tracking.

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