Colorspace Shift with Insert - Mocha Pro + AE

It’s been a few months since I did this workflow and there has been a new version of Mocha Pro since then, so I’m assuming the fix is something in a setting somewhere.

I’m in AE working at 16bit Rec709, apply Mocha Pro, track my shot, export a clean plate, clean it up in PS, back in Mocha I do an insert. In Mocha the inserted patch is dark. If I import the clean plate in AE and set Mocha to use an AE layer as the source the patch is too light. What’s going on here?

Thank you,

This is a gamma issue and most likely with PSD.
In Ae chech to see if the cleanplate you made is being interpreted correctly “CTR ALT G” and under the “Color Management” check to see if this is correct, and in your case should be REC 709 it most likely is interpreting it as sRGB. I don’t know what your setting are for managing color in Mocha are set to so can’t help there. You can force PSD to tag the correct color space also, you most likely have it set to sRGB. The dark image in Mocha sounds like a gamma stripped image i.e linear. Anyway let me know how you go.