Colour space in Title Studio

Hi - just wondered what colour space parameters Title Studio is working with. Does it just mirror the project settings from Avid or are there separate settings? I’m finding that colours derived from within Avid are accurate but those from Title Studio are a shade different. I’ve been given precise RGB values which don’t match the brand guidelines and I’m trying to figure out where the problem lies.

Hi Simon,

Here’s my direct email ( - I’m providing this so that I can work with you on the color match issue. If you could, please send me the Title Studio project file, I can check this out on my systems to better understand the source of the problem.


Not using AVID. Boris keeps asking for a license key that is acceptable.

Sorry Simon. Please disregard my response. Just joined forum and wasn’t aware that I would receive copies of all issues.

Hey Simon,

One thing to be aware of is that there are two places where “safe colors” are produced - one in the Title Studio filter itself and one in the Avid project settings. For TS, you can defeat the “safe colors” option by going to the Effects Controls, then twirl open the General Controls and uncheck the Safe Colors option to disable the feature. There’s also a safe colors feature in Avid - you’ll need to suppress that also.