Combine muliple tracking data in Mocha

Apologies if this topic has been covered in some degree.

I often run into the same issues when tracking. Sometimes, I have to track the first 50% of the scene on layer 1, and then track the last 50% of the scene using layer 2. This always leads me to import 2 tracking data infos in Nuke.

Is there a way to basically combine, move or link all tracking data onto 1 new layer, so I can export 1 complete tracking layer?

Although my example above is a mild issue, however, there are times when I have 6 layers that are needed to make up the entire tracking scene. Having the ability to dump them all on 1 layer, would make my work much easier in Nuke.

If not, sounds like a great upgrade for Mocha 6 :wink:
Thank You,

Thanks for the post.

The combine-tracks idea is a good feature. We’ll add it to the list. :slight_smile:
Are you currently using the plugin or the standalone?

If you’ve not tried it, another way to handle this is to either:

  • Track from the middle of the shot forwards and backwards
  • Unlink the track (i.e set “Link to track” to None) or add more contours to keep the track going.

Hi Martin,
It opens from nuke but I think it’s a stand alone.
Ok, I just wanted to make sure it didn’t have it and spend hours trying to find the setting.
My current work around is combining the tracks in Nuke. (which is never fun)
So thanks for the input and I am looking forward to a possible new feature in Mocha 6 or 7 !

No worries, i’ve written up your feature request.
Would it be possible for you to send us an example of where you need to track multiple layers? There may be an easier approach.