Combining masks for drone fly by

Hi, I’m trying to outline a large property on a fly by drone shot. Not all of the property is in shot until the end of the footage. I’ve added 2 additional tracking masks in Mocha so when combined I have the entire site tracked. What I want to do is have a stroke line go around all the site so as it pans you can see only the highlighted area.

Unfortunately what I get is the 3 masks as individual stroked areas that intersect each other. Can I combine them in to one mask?

Images to show what I’ve made:


Yes, you certainly can. Make a new shape or delete the other two shapes. Just use the Uberkey and then use the “add points to spline tool” and keep adding points and adjusting the spline as the track moves through the scene. You should have a single solid shape at the end. You may need to switch Uberkey off and then animate for any drift from lens warp, but this technique will work for you.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and I will be happy to help you.


Thank you Mary. I’ll try that now.