Combining masks

Is it possible to combine 2 masks (for ex. Gradient mask and easymask) on the same layer? Extract my subject with easymask and gradually blurring the background with a gradient mask, so that my subject isn’t blurred.

@josdenis Yes, multiple masks can be combined in a layer using Add, Subtract, Multiply blend modes.

I have subtracted the lion mask created with EZ Mask from the Gradient mask. Here;s the resulting mask which can be displayed using the Show Mask icon above the viewer.

However, you can achieve what you asked in your original question by using the Diffusion > Depth of Field filter. Depth of Field has a Depth > Grad mode to create the depth of field and then you can use EZ Mask to isolate where the Depth of Field will be applied. In the example below, Depth of Field > Depth is set to Grad and the mask is inverted and blurred a bit.

Thank you. That is very good news. I’ll try out both solutions!