Combining Mocha motion tracking and AE Camera Tracker

If I want to use Mocha Pro for motion tracking and AE for camera tracking, what is the best way to do so? If I apply camera tracking in AE and then imported Mocha transform data into a null, how do I stick a 3D object into the scene? Sticking it to a Mocha null gives the 3D object only position, scale and rotation info, and it moves in an awkward way when I add an AE camera. Thank you very much indeed!!!

Hi there,

The only way to get mocha data to move properly in 3D space is to use the mocha Plus or mocha Pro camera solver, but you won’t be able to get 3D objects to follow mocha without a 3D solve, because the camera has to move relative to our data.

You can download a trial of mocha Plus here and try to solve your shot that way.


Thank you, Mary! I’ve already tried to use Mocha Camera Solve, but the shot hat a huge pan and parallax, besides there’re not enough non-coplanar surfaces to track. But Mocha does a good job tracking a person’s head which is too blurry for AE tracker. I wish I could somehow use AE for Camera Solve and Mocha for the person’s head tracking and then add a 3D object to the head. As I understood from your post, I have to do both tasks either in Mocha (camera solve+head track) or in AE?
PS. I’m very glad your technical support functions so fast and I’m a great fan of your work and your tutorials, Mary!!!

I am so glad you enjoy the tutorials!

I think what you can do is render out a grid or tracking card on top of the hand and head with no motion blur using a mocha tracked corner pin or using mocha Pro, and then track that in your alternative camera solver, because it should be able to then track the hand correctly.

It’s a cheat that match movers use mocha for all the time. :slight_smile: