Command line options to start mocha/mochapro

Hi all… I tried to find infomation on command line options when opening mocha/mochapro, besides just passing in a filename for the clip, which still brings up the dialog pane asking for confirmation and bringing up options. I would like to go further, setting frame rate, pixel aspect ration and so forth from the command line so mocha opens with everything setup ready to go. Ideas?

Hi There,
We currently don’t have a way to change more than the filename for the clip, which will still bring up the dialog pane asking for confirmation and brings up options. However, we plan on having way more options for you in our next major version release. Please stay tuned.

Thanks for the reply. Please accept my post as suggestions, it would be great for pipeline integration if you could have mocha open with all the settings adjusted, no need for scripting to do this, simple command line flags would do! Thanks!

It just ocurred to me that I can simply write the .mocha file myself since it’s ascii and use that to open mocha. However, there seems to be an awful lot of lines in the .mocha file, is there a documentation anywhere on what these lines are(the ones that are not obvious from the name) and what is the minimal .mocha file I can generate to get the project up and running?