Command line


I want to start Mocha from Nuke with the rush already loaded.

I found your script send_to_mocha which I updated for our config but mocha loads empty.

I haven’t found any documentation for the command line. Even mochapro --help doesn’t print any help.
Do you have any documentation of the command line option that you can share?

Thanks a lot.

Have you considered using the Mocha Pro OFX plug-in inside Nuke instead?

Also, here is a command line reference from the documentation:

I hope that helps!

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Mocha Pro OFX is installed in our setup, but artists complain about a lot of crashes and freezes, and the fact that Nuke is blocked when Mocha is open is annoying.

Exactly what I looking for, thank you !

So there is no --help argument ?

You are right, --help isn’t in there. It should list the commands for situations like this. It’s been passed along as an issue to be addressed.