Company feedback, livestream request

There wasn’t a “general” section so I’m asking here…

Could the master of the livestreams please send out notifications more than an hour before a stream is due to go live? Preferably an initial announcement when the livestream is scheduled?

For most of the streams over the last six months I’ve rarely seen any notices beforehand such that I could schedule the time to join in. I know that often something goes out on Facebook but Facebook is notorious for not delivering posts in a timely fashion (unless you pay for an ad).

Almost none of the streams have had announcements a week or more in advance, I’ve checked my spam box and nothing is ever there.

I’m sure I’m not alone in appreciating the ability to ask questions of the team during the stream and watching afterwards just isn’t the same.

I shall deliver your message to marketing and the live stream team. :wink:

I am pretty sure we send several notifications out but they are probably lumped in with other emails or general announcements and might not be getting the coverage we would like. I will check with our marketing maven.

@maryp Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter? We always list upcoming events on that mailer.
You can do that here: And say you want to join our mailing list and make sure you check the “Join our email newsletter and keep up to date” checkbox at the bottom of this form so you stay in the loop.

Ok, I’ve done that now.

The way I’ve been trying to sign up in the past is through where it normally has language saying one will be added to the Boris mailing list.

Ok. You should be well and truly on our list then. Keep an eye out for our newsletters for upcoming events. We try to keep mailings to a minimum to cut down on spam.