Comped images are quite soft

I’ve done a little comp whereby I’ve removed a bunch of camera people and then spliced two performances together. I did it by first removing the camera folk, then by adding a second layer and using the insert module to combine the two performances. I notice that when I insert the underlying layer, that insert becomes very soft - noticeably soft. I understand there will be some resizing probably done but this is quite obvious and I’m not sure it’s good enough to actually use. Is there some trick or setting to minimise this softness, the two shots I’m comping together are not being resized be me at all. Is this just something I should expect or am I doing something wrong?

Well, this depends. What version of Mocha are you on? What do your settings in the insert module look like? How much resizing is happening?

Also, have you tried just using Boris FX Continuum’s Magic Sharp to get the detail back?

Hi Mary,
Sorry, I’m on Mocha Pro 2021 - 8.0.3 using via Media Composer plugin.
Settings are shown in the attached pics.
In terms of resizing, both frames are the same and I’m not doing any resizing. There is some slight motion because they are minicams that are up a tall pole but I have tracked the insert to the master.
I’m wondering if it’s because I am using essentially two levels of Mocha. The first is to remove camera people from the first performance and then I’ve got another clip on top of that then revealing that new clean shot. Maybe they are compounding somehow?
Sadly I don’t have the other Boris plugins, just got Mocha.
Avid is set to full quality 10 bit in the timeline.

Screenshot 2021-08-24 at 14.42.08

No, your settings look fine, thanks for showing me. I think the problem is it’s the insert module renderer needing a bit of a boost as far as quality goes… Which we have updated for the point release (coming very soon) and which won’t help you right now.

Do you have any sharpening tools you can just put on it? If not… Do you have a de-grain and re-grain you can use to hide any rendering sins?

That’s cool there’s some quality improvements coming. I have Neat video, so I will add some sharpening with that, it does quite a decent job. Thanks!

@Andi , do you want to be on the beta to try the new tools?

@martinb that would be good Martin, I’m still getting crashes with the current version (although I have a system for minimising damage now) so I’d be keen to try any new builds for sure.