Complete lock off rather than stabilise


I’m using Mocha Pro in Avid Media Composer to stabilise shots. I’m loving it but I have one question: Is it possible to completely lock a shot off so that all camera movement is removed. At the moment al I seem to be able to do is smooth movement. Premiere Pro has this option as part of its Warp Stabliser tool, does Mocha have the same?

It really depends on the shot. Yes, you can lock all motion down, it is a checkbox called “all motion” and “maximum smoothing” also needs to be checked. Your mileage may vary depending on your track, the amount of parallax, the amount of rolling shutter or motion blur, and how much of the motion you captured and where.

Sometimes this will look great, especially if you track multiple locations in the scene on the same layer. Other times, you’ll end up with a warping mess. Same as the Warp Stabilizer, really. You can only manipulate pixels so much. And if it doesn’t look good, then fall back to the smoothing the motion option and use reference frames to work around what you have shot with the original plate.