Complicated Tracking Shot Stabilization


I’m trying to stabilize a complicated tracking shot and haven’t been able to find a tutorial that addresses my situation, which I believe has to do with assigning multiple tracking points at different times, and being able to combine them without favoring the other.

In the clip (link below) I’ve stabilized the first part of the video pretty well (it still warps a bit and you can see where the stabilization ends and jumps slightly at :13) but now I’d like to stabilize the second half of the clip as well without cutting off the woman on the left, while also combining the first half that I’ve already stabilized. Would love any insight on how to do this properly.

Really appreciate your help!

I see where you’re problem is!

Obviously, when applying stabilization, some of the edges of the image would be cut off. But there’s a way to make this process more controllable. Here is a short video on this, the section starts at 3:07 Mocha Pro: The Stabilize Module - YouTube

In order to not cut the lady on the left, you can use Frame List. Move your playhead to the section where the lady should be in frame, and add a frame number to the list.

Now Mocha would keep that frame to Full size, and stabilize in between. But take in mind that it is not recommended adding to may frames to the Frame List, as that would compete the stabilization process.

I would also suggest not stabilizing the first part to 100% making it look like a locked shot, because you’re still going to have some camera motion in the second part of the clip anyway.

If you leave some of the original wavy motion, the jump wont be as obvious and the transition will feel much more smother.

Now as for the transition itself. Mocha can only stabilize around one layer at a time. Because your camera pans, to stabilize the whole range you would have to do do that in two steps

You either can use 2 instances of Mocha, inside host like After Effect, or render the result after stabilizing the first part and importing it into Mocha again. You would have to decide at what frame make the transition, and add this frame to the Frame list: It has to be the last frame for the first part, and first frame for the second part. Hope this makes sense for you