Composite Organic Strands?

Is it possible to composite animation generated in “Organic Starnds” onto a background or other image? Not having much success with keying. All help appreciated.

Organic Strands generates particles with an alpha channel already. So you should be able to position it on the track above the background track (in hosts that propagate alpha properly).

Hmmm. I’m using Vegas Pro 16. I went into the properties of the Organic Strands clip and set the Alpha to each setting available. None seemed to work. I will try once more.

I found a solution. On one track I place a solid color and drag Organic Strands onto that track. I put the track I wish to composite to under that track and it all seems to work. When I try to drag Organic Strands directly onto the clip I wish to composite it with I can only see the Organic Strands effect.

EDIT: Oh, now I see what you were saying. Yes, that works. Thanks!

Excellent. Sorry for the confusion. Organic Strands should really have a checkbox to control whether it composites directly over the source clip vs ignoring the source clip and outputting just the strands over alpha as is the case now. I’ll write that up as a feature request.