Composition way too big when out of screen

In my example (see screenshots) the truck track is very well even when it goes out of the screen.
However, I end up with a planar surface that is too big, and therefore a composition that is also too big in After Effects.
How to avoid this ?
Thanks a lot

Hi, do you have any issues with exporting the track data, or are you concerned only about the resolution of the After Effects comp? And do you want to cleanup the truck, or put something on it?

If the export is OK, you can try using the “Region of Interest” feature in After Effects to make your comp smaller

Indeed in After Effects I have a message of Mocha telling me that “Could not calculate center point at frames: 411-431”. But that doesn’t stop me from exporting the data anyway. So i am just concerned about the resolution of the After Effects Comp.
In my case i just need a small logo so i went right.
But in case i want to put a big logo on the whole truck :
In fact it starts with a comp of 1920*1080 that nearly fit the whole image (the truck you can see on the image in my previous post) and it ends with the comp that is so scaled that the logo in the comp is blurred. And the “Region of Interest” is not intended to solve this

Could you show me how it looks in your comp? Do you export the data as Power Pin and apply it to your logo?

I exported the data as Power Pin (Support Motion Blur)

Here the comp at the start :

And at the end (see the poor quality of the logo that is so upscaled) :

And here youcan see the size of the composition at the start :

And at the end :

I’m sorry, your interface is not in English, but it’s doesn’t look like Power Pin to me
Are you sure you’re using this option?

Sorry, i didn’t use the Power Pin but Corner Pin (Support Motion Blur)

So, here is the result with Power Pin :

I don’t know what to do with it…

Did you deleted the Position, Scale, and Rotation data from the layer, before applying the Power Pin? Please reset it to the default values first. It was applied to your precomp, when you used Corner Pin (Support Motion Blur), at first time, and that’s why it may look wrong now.

Sorry again, i didn’t deleted previous datas…
So, once done, it works : my composition is not deteriorated with CC power Pin

Corner Pin (Support Motion Blur) :

Power Pin :

Can you explain me how Power Pin works and when to use it ?

Power Pin is a slightly better version of the Corner Pin that was introduced in After Effects couple of years ago, and which we recommend to use. It also has an option inside it to invert the data, that may be handy for reverse stabilization technique.

Here’s a video on Power Pin