Computer very slow in project


i run Premiere Pro and After Effects with saphhire and continuum.
My computer is running pretty slow and hangs even stops often after i add several effects.
My effects, for example transitions doesn’t even play before rendering
I got Intel core i5 3230M CPU @ 2.6 GHZ
Intel HD Graphics 400
Nvidida Geforce GT 740M
are shown in the device Manager.
I don’t know why there are two Graphic Cards shown in the device Manager LOL.
It’s a Laptop from ASUS.
I Got 146 Gb of 278 GB free where programs got installed.
Should is switch to other partition (396 GB free of 397 GB)?
Would it make a big difference?
Would i need to install all programs new or could i just Drag the folders to the other partition?^^
I try to run some cleaning programs, maybe will help a bit.


Hi! I think one of the biggest issues with your current system is the amount of installed RAM, or lack thereof. If you can upgrade that then at least double the amount of RAM on your system. You might also upgrade the hard drive to an SSD drive which should really improve performance. There are inexpensive applications that you can use to clone the original HD onto the replacement SSD should you choose to do that. I hope this helps!


Hi Peter. Thanks for your answer.
Finally i found how to enable CUDA under the render settings^^
But it don’t got better, PC still stops.
Okay, i try to switch my installations to the other Partition first, as a last try.
And try to set down graphic displays in my driver.
My computer costed 500 Euro ~ 3 years ago.
SSD (250GB)plus Ram (8GB) would cost me around 140 Euros.
If you have the time: What optimum NEW system would you recommend that can run everything in realtime (hopefully for the next 4 years)?
What system do you use?

Are there any options that can switch ALL effect previews in Premiere Pro off?
I could still work that way, but system might still stop when rendering right?
Just need in/out zoom and setting some keyframes, other effects i don’t ‘need’ to see with my projects.

Continuum doesn’t use Cuda - it uses OpenGL and OpenCL. You can disable the hardware path by clicking on the cog wheel to open the preferences box but I doubt that this will help you at all. You might try disabling the Mercury Transport engine in Premiere to see if this helps prevent the lock up - this actually would be my first move. For a new system, you might try something from Dell - they seem to be quite fast and reliable. If you would like me to spec on out for you I can do that but would need to know your budget first.


I run the following and I get above fantastic performance

amd ryzen 1700x 8 core
64gb ram
NVME scratch drive 250gb
500gb Samsung 800 series
X2 pro seagate 6TB
Most importantly AMD VEGA 64 - using VCE on Vegas pro I smashed my reserving time by 70%

That’s a beautiful system - thanks for sharing the specs.

Thanks Peter and thanks gareth. Where can i disable the Mercury Engine @PeterMcAuley ?
I deleted many files in my C:/Users Folder. After that my system got faster.
But i have not tried Premiere now.
I did a Free Space Wipe Session with CCleaner. It took 3 days^^
Now i installed Premiere and AE on my other Partition.
Another guy from the adobe forum told me that i could use this methods:

But i use mainly images for my seqeuences and this only supports video clips (resizing them for editing and using full resolution after editing for rendering).
I have another question: I use now very low graphic settings in my NVIDIA control panel.
Does the project will then also be rendered in lower quality or are these settings only affecting the display on my monitor?
If all this will not help, i will buy a new system.
You have a nice system @gareth.pickford So you use your video editing programs on your SSD?
If i would buy a new one i would also try 64 GB RAM.
Thanks for your offer to search at dell @PeterMcAuley
I found this offer here @ (it’s a german supplier).

Mainboard ASUS PRIME X399-A
Prozessor AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1900X (8x 4.00GHz)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 8GB
64GB DDR4-3000 RAM
250GB SATA-III M.2 PCI-E SSD (Solid State Drive)
Dark Power Pro 11 850W Modular 80+ Platin
24x DVD burner
280mm Silent water cooling

Price is: 2.889,00 EUR, but they also offer 12 x monthly payments of 240,75 EUR without any xtra cash to pay.
They offer 5 years support

On Dell i configurated an AlienwareAurora:

It has a cooler built in the case

Intel® Core™ i7 8700 (6 Cores/12 Threads, bis zu 4,6 GHz mit Intel® Turbo-Boost-Technik, 12 MB Cache)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 mit 8 GB GDDR5X
64 GB Dual-Channel-DDR4 bei 2.666 MHz
PCIe-SSD-Startfestplatte, 256 GB 
+ SATA-Speicherfestplatte, 2 TB (7.200 1/min), 6 Gbit/s
DVD+/-RW-drive 8x
460 W EPA, liquid cooled case,

Their system costs: 2.589,01 €
Their 4 Year support costs an extra 420 Euro
They offer free mouse and keyboard also

alternatively you could get a 2nd hand HP Z400 6 core xeon system from 2012 6 core with 6 threads… I got it as a backup workstation… . whacked an old GPU in with 18GB or RAM i get 900 in Cinebench - hows that for an old workstation :slight_smile:

Look at dells AMD ryzen system its cheap - pre built - good box for a Ryzen build…

Anything Gaming will spash through editing… : )

Thanks for the links.
After deleting Files in C:/User, changing partition and wiping free space, my system runs much faster.
But all of a sudden when working on a Premiere Pro projects, the computer just shuts off.
It just goes off lol.
I start Premiere, it’s running much faster, ~66 % RAM Usage in Task Monitor.
It runs a while and thenI for example switch an effect off and on and off and on again to see changes and then the computer just switches off^^
I have these settings in nvidia controlpanel now:
Anisotrop off
antialiasing fxaa off
antialising - modus off
antialisisng tansparenceoff
cuda gpus - all
three puffer off
maximum amount of prerendered singleimages 4
shadercache on
texturefilter high performance
texturefilter -anisotrop… on
texturefilter negative lod bias accepting
texturefilter trilinear optimization on
threaded optimization on
sourrounding… off
vertical syncrhonization off
prerendered virtual reality singleimages 2
When i buy i want to buy a new system.
So your ryzen system runs amazing i heard.

You think 2800 euro is unnecessary much to spent?
Want it to last as long as possible^^
The Dell ones you mentioned only got 8GB RAM

To disable the Mercury playback in Premiere Pro, launch the Premiere Pro application, then go to Edit>Preferences>Playback … on this tab you should find the option to disable Mercury Transmit.

I hope this helps!

Hey, tried to disable the mercury.
But don’t gets better.
I must say that it’s a bit weird because,
I add for example 5 pictures, for these 5 pics I add a bit glow, add magic sharp, add contrast, add saturation, add a zoom in via keyframes, add some transitions and then the system shuts off.
I mean i used lightworks before and everything was running smooth and fast.
(the transitions were a bit less good though).
I purchased Creative Cloud just so that i could use Boris FX products^^.
Now i need to purchase a new computer also, because maybe adding ram
and an ssd alone will not make it and then i need to invest time again :smiley:
I don’t know what they made while programming premiere, but what should i do :smiley:
Anyway thanks for trying to help me out guys :smiley:

It is unclear if the slowness you reported originally is related to the problem you are now reporting where Premiere (or the whole machine) suddenly quits after the cleaning you did. You could try uninstalling and reinstalling Premiere. Also do you see this problem if you use filters other than Continuum filters - e.g. host native filters?
Please send us the Continuum log files to see if that offers any clues. The log files are found here:
You could zip up the contents of that folder and email it to me directly at jclement at

Hello thanks for answer and idea.
My system shutted down also before the cleaning. (the mouse was just standing still)
Now it just switches off sometimes or the mouse is standing still.^^
I reinstalled both Creative Cloud and also BBC and sapph.

I will make a new project and try to use just Premiere filters to see what happens.

Only 1 log file in the folder.
Can i post the file here?
Sent it to your e-mail also. (2.5 KB)

I can find Open CL failures in the log file:
2018-07-04 20:54:30 BCC PRM ERROR: OpenCL failure. Err = -44, Reason: clCreateKernel
2018-07-08 16:26:22 BCC PRM ERROR: OpenCL failure. Err = -4, Reason: clEnqueueNDRangeKernel
2018-07-09 16:09:30 BCC PRM ERROR: OpenCL failure. Err = -4, Reason: clEnqueueWriteBuffer

hey there,

when i use standard transitions and corrections etc. of premiere pro, system runs okay.
when i use something more complex from premiere pro like for example immersive video the system shuts off.
Asked before,but is cuda toolkit installation without visual studio
enough for premiere pro cuda enabling?
is the installatioon for playback even necessary?
installed toolkit 9.2

The log file does show occasional errors with the Continuum OpenCL usage on your system/card. It is unclear if these are fatal errors or minor errors in practice. You can disable Continuum’s use of OpenCL by going to to Preferences pane inside a running Continuum plugin. Click the little “gear” icon in the main BCC banner at the top of any running BCC effect to bring up the preferences pane, and then turn off the “Enable OpenCL” option. You can then see if this makes any different for the problems you are seeing.

As an end user you don’t need Visual Studio on your system. That would only be needed for the original authors of the software. Reinstalling your graphics driver from nvidia would be a good idea and that should take care of any cuda needs on your system. You shouldn’t typically need to install any cuda toolkits beyond the cuda support that would be installed when you reinstall your nvidia driver.

If the system is still shutting off even when not using any 3rd party plugins then this is sounds like either a problem with Premiere or with the OS or system. It is possible that the cleaner damaged the OS installation in some manner, so you could try an OS repair or reinstall, although that can be very time consuming. Hopefully the nvidia driver reinstall will help though.

Hey there,
i first made the cleaning, then uninstalled rgaphics driver with DDU from guru3d and then reinstalled driver.
Now i bought a new computer, in the long run i would need to buy a new anyway.
even if the open cl disabling would work which i will try tomorrow in complex timelines everything would laod even slower so a new system is more fun to work :smiley:
But now i bought a configured computer with a great mainboard, so that i can update the system in the future up to 128 gb ram. etc.
got a geforce gtx 1080 ti,
threadripper 1900
32 gb ram,
nvme ssd
3gb external sata
i can still use my laptop for work preperation (downloading clips, images etc. and writing texts)
But thanks for your time and the help dude! :smiley:
Keep up the good work.

Boris also absolutely crawls in adobe premiere. I have version 2019 installed. I can’t play anything back and the render time for a short 10 second clip is upwards of an hour for any of the fx.

The current system I’m on has 64 gigs of RAM, Intel(R) Core™ i9-8950HK CPU @ 2.90GHz, 2904 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s), and an NVideo Quadro P4200 Graphics card with 1gig of ram. I’m running off of two terabyte stolid state drives (one for project / one software) with plenty of room.

It’s a laptop but not a bad system. It cost about 5k from Dell.

Any thoughts?

Hi there,

Could you tell me a little bit about the project that you’re working on? I would like to know the following:

• project dimensions and frame rate
• media dimensions and frame rate
• exact version of both the host software and the plug-ins
• exactly which plug-in are you using