Confuse what to purchase, please help with Particle Illusion

Hello, I wish to purchase Particle Illusion, but I’m confuse with all these different version. I just want the software and make particle effects.

When I select buy now, it takes me to a page listed as Continuum Filter - particle Illusion - Is this an addon for Adobe/VEgas resolve? I’m not looking for add-ons. I would like just particle illusion generate particles.
Then there is Standalone Application to download from the front page, I click it, and takes me to a download page, listed with Product TAB, Host TAB and Platform Tab I’m very confuse. Then I’m more confuse which Host to select, Do I select Particle Illusion or Standalone?


The product you’re looking for is the Standalone Application of Particle Illusion and you don’t need to touch any of the pop-ups that appear on that download page. So just go to the page at this link and click on either the Mac or Windows download :

The Stand Alone (SAL) version of Particle Illusions is free but you will still need to create a BorisFX account (if you don’t already have one) and register it in order to download it. I just today reinstalled Windows 10 and had to go through the registration process (with my existing BorisFX account) in order to re-install it. The SAL version is great but it provides the particle effects only - you cannot import a background image - still or video - to compose an effect over.

If you don’t want Particle Illusion as an add-on/plugin for your existing NLE, then the free SAL is the version to go with. However, if you want to compose an effect based directly on a still or video background image within your NLE, you will need to purchase the plugin version. With this in mind, what exactly is the NLE that you are using?

If you wish to purchase Particle Illusion for use in your NLE, please follow this link to the BorisFX purchase page for Particle Illusion (it covers all NLEs listed on that webpage):

With either the SAL or a purchased version of Particle Illusion, make sure that you also download the Particle Emitters:

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What do I select as Host?

If you want the Stand Alone (SAL) version, the host (your NLE) doesn’t matter because the SAL version does not plug in to any NLE (host) at all. As its name suggests, it is a stand alone version that is used as its own program independent of any NLE. To download the SAL version of Particle Illusion, go to Particle Illusion

as well as the Emitters

If you want to purchase Particle Illusion as a plugin to your NLE (host), please let the forum know what your NLE is - as previously requested - so that advice can be given as to which host to select.

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