Connecting Nulls exported from PowerMesh to AE Puppet Tool

you can export all of the tracked powermesh points as nulls, but connecting the nulls to After Effect’s Puppet Tool pins would take a lot of manual labor. Is there a simple way to connect them that I’m not aware of?

Thank you!

Hey there - you may find some scripts useful in AEscripts for this task.
I am curious what your project is to link nulls to puppet warp? Mocha Pro’s insert with grid warp is driven by mesh tracking so you can do some pretty sophisticated warp compositing.

Thanks! I’m using the motion of my face to drive a cartoon’s face, particular the mouth area. I ended up using the warp/unwarp module, like you’re suggesting. I wanted to be able to use the nulls w/ puppet tool because I have better control of puppet tool keyframes. However, if I wanted to I could connect them manually. It just seemed if mocha can export 50 nulls, there’d be a smart way to connect them to something. AEscripts is my go to, I’m sure something there would work, but I didn’t have time to figure it out.