Constrainig scale?

is it possible to constrain the scale to a certain axis?. A corner pin option for transforming the shapes would be nice too.



I don’t know what you think but in my own experience the transformation tool set that mocha has is not as flexible as it could be. It’s true that mocha has impressive and innovative features but it should include features that are standard in other apps, like an universal transform tool in addition to the individual ones it has, a way to constrain scale to an axis, corner pin and shear manipulation for shapes.

The fact that mocha reduces the workload and sometimes does the work for you doesn’t make it fool proof, it shouldn’t lack in tools for more conventional manipulation.

c’mon guys, rise your voice to make this app rule the world :smiley:


Oh, I almost forgot. I think that one should be able to apply key shortcuts to every aspect of mocha,