Continum Colour Correction Unit

I am using The Licened Full One Purchased Directly from BorisFX Upgraded To.
I keep both Resolve Studio and Vegas 16 installed on but I only One host to use Continum neither Installer From BorisFX or the hostes allow me to chose What host Uses the Plug-ins.When I use beat mapper the unit seems to Work Correctly In Resolve Studio I Tested in Vegas seems that certain Units Work only different hosts Or I did some thing wrong in the use.For Example mocha working in Continum but not mocha Pro it self.

I was planing to switch to Resolve Studio .But because of this in order to get the full use of the plugins I now have to use both Hosts.Primat Studio is Greate In Resolve Studio.And you have really good Webinars on using your Products well.

Hi James,

The problem here is that both of the hosts that you are using rely on pulling the filters from the same repository so if you can’t really set it up so that the OFX filters that you installed from Continuum will appear only in one of the installed and supported hosts.

It is true that some filters that operate normally in one OFX host will not offer that same level of usability / functionality in other OFX hosts. We have little to no control over that as it’s the host that determines how well or how deep they choose to integrate OFX support. With that, I’d suggest referencing the tables that can be found on our website to know ahead of time what will work in which host for OFX support.

I hope this helps!


I have Licence For Multi Host Temp Till Late Aprir I can Use that for now And Provide with Feed back I will Also Tell The PRoblem in the Magix Forum So Magix seex it too maybe a patch can be bade so only one host uses the Plugin .Also BorisFX can change the Installer so
the installer installs the Product Acording to the Licence For OFX it would be a choice of witch host to install in.:slight_smile:

It should not be a problem to have the plugins installed into more than one host. This is the standard way that OFX plugins generally work - appearing in all hosts by default. It does not cause problems in one host if the plugin is also available in a second OFX host.

As for Mocha usage, Mocha PixelChooser and Mocha Motion Tracker work in Resolve Studio as part of Continuum. But Mocha Pro does not support Resolve at this time since Resolve does not provide the needed support for Mocha Pro’s advanced render modules such as Remove, Stabilize, etc.

Mocha Pixel Choser In Resolve Studio Mocha is getting lost tracking the Skyier in a 1min clip .

If you have problems tracking a specific piece of footage, please start a new forum thread for that issue and post a link to the footage and the exported mocha project file if possible.